Energie per l

We design and construct plants for the production of energy from renewable sources and realize energy saving measures in both processes and buildings. We perform technical consultancy for companies and businesses who wish to obtain the certification of obtained savings or energy produced (white and green certifications). We provide consultancies, assessments, projects, studies and we work directly in the following areas:

Solar photovoltaic

EQUA designs and installs, tests and certifies micro-cogeneration plants, it is also manages the connection to the electricity grid, the demand for incentives for the tax exemption for the methane gas used for power generation.

EQUA deals with the system of exchange/sale of energy and with the tax regularization at the U.T.F., both for small and large plants.

Electric vehicle charging

EQUA designs and installs systems and systems for charging ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND IS A QUALIFIED INSTALLER OF THE RWE German company.


Partner of Tecno-Lario S.p.A. of which we are installers.

Accumulation of electricity

EQUA designs and installs plants and systems for the storage of electricity in the domestic sector networked DEESS, Domestic Electric Energy Storage Systems. Several renewable energy sources produce irregularly and unexpectedly only when the renewable energy source is available (eg. sun or wind). The usage is determined by the need of the user, it is, in fact, necessary to store energy in excess for the later needs. For this reason the storage systems are an important aspect for the development and diffusion of the technologies for the production related to renewable energy. We use electrochemical storage technologies such as lead-gel, Sodium Nickel Chloride and Lithium.

The accumulation of electricity is a vital step in the path towards the “smart grid” and a new energy model to switch from the role of consumers to the role of independent producers (prosumer). The energy can also be stored in electric car batteries that can be driven and charged connecting them to the network in the coming years.

ANIE – STORAGE SYSTEMS GROUP Position paper on the role of Electrochemical Storage Devices in Power Systems. Learn more…

Trademarks treated

EQUA srl is a Tesla certified installer.


EQUA srl is a service partner of Fronius.


EQUA srl is a certified LG installer.


EQUA srl is a Varta certified installer.


Solar thermal

The sun, our star, irradiates the surface of the earth with such a large amount of energy that few square meters of solar thermal can meet the demands of hot water for an average family. Solar thermal systems optimally exploit the diurnal solar radiation to heat the domestic hot water, contribute to the air conditioning or heat the water of the pool. Solar technology and modern plants. Thanks to a tested and recently improved technology, the current solar thermal systems have reached a level of energy efficiency significantly higher than in the past. Thanks to the refinement of the building technology and the search for new materials, the panels have also improved the reliability and durability, in addition to the aesthetic and design, allowing a more refined aesthetic inclusion in roofing, facades and other elements of construction. A solar thermal system does not require a big investment, occupies a small area on the roof and will pay for itself in a few years. It can also take advantage of significant tax incentives. It has a positive impact on primary energy savings and thus allows a significant cost saving. Adopting a solar system means safeguarding the planet’s resources, increasing the value of the property. EQUA designs and installs solar thermal systems for domestic hot water production and for heating of the rooms. Learn more…