Risparmio Energetico

We design and construct plants for the production of energy from renewable sources and realize energy saving measures in both processes and buildings.

We perform technical consultancy for companies and businesses who wish to obtain the certification of obtained savings or energy produced (white and green certifications).

We provide consultancies, assessments, projects, studies and we work directly in the following areas:

Energy saving – Energy requalification

EQUA performs technical consultancy on energy saving through an energy audit.

Home energy retrofit to reduce the energy consumption in buildings, in collaboration with building partners. Learn more…

Design and manufacture of internal and external insulation finishing systems, false ceiling and thermal insulation, which generally increases the energy class of the building, with the benefits of tax deduction of 55%. Learn more…

Example : Coop Lipomo.

For more information please refer to the guidance of Agenzia delle Entrate for tax deduction dedicated to energy saving.

Certifications and Energy Diagnosis

The energy performance certificate (EPC) shows the energy characteristics of the building through the release of an energy performance certificate, which is necessary in case of transfer in return for payment of a housing unit, making it available to the buyer and attaching it to the legal document. Since 1 July 2010 the requirement of EPC has been extended to new leases: prepared in the same manner, the EPC must be made available to the tenant. See also: the execution of an energy audit is used to determine the energy performance of the building or of the production process. Through the collection of data, using a specific calculation methodology, it identifies the steps to be applied for an energy retrofit. EQUA has a team of qualified professionals for the energy performance certification of buildings in Lombardy and Piedmont, and in the regions that refer to the national legislation and implement energy audits of buildings and processes.

Energy Saving in Residential Area

Energy saving plays a key role today in the processes aimed at reducing pollutants and reducing the thermal needs of a building and is becoming increasingly important as the continuous multiplication of energy-intensive users is leading to an unbridled and irrational use of fossil resources, the main antagonists of maintaining sustainable environmental conditions.

Unfortunately, not even the development of renewable energy and nuclear power is managing to meet the huge demand for energy. Many ways are being pursued to curb consumption.

In fact, the energy challenge of recent years has two main objectives: to make the currently available renewable energy technologies more efficient and to be able to equip the structures, already present in the area, with innovative materials that guarantee better performance than those used.

The European Union is turning its interest to a redevelopment of the resources already present in the territory, especially the topic of residential energy saving seems to be one of the most interesting.

We had the pleasure of working with Ing. Jonathan Leoni, and he developed his thesis that can be consulted here.

Remote control

EQUA, designs and develops monitoring and control systems for energy production plants from renewable and conventional sources, such as photovoltaic and thermal, providing optimal coordination of energy flows from the sources to the users, maximizing the efficiency of the overall system. Learn more…