Energie Rinnovabili

We design and construct plants for the production of energy from renewable sources and realize energy saving measures in both processes and buildings. We perform technical consultancy for companies and businesses who wish to obtain the certification of obtained savings or energy produced (white and green certifications). We provide consultancies, assessments, projects, studies and we work directly in the following areas:

Templari’s heat pumps

EQUA is the official distributor and service center for Templar heat pumps for the provinces of Lecco, Como, Varese and Monza-Brianza.

Hybrid plants for electricity production

The mini hybrid plants for electricity production are small plants that use both sources of renewable energy and combustible sources. They are a typical example of a distributed generation system, which can operate isolated or connected in parallel to the grid. With the parallel connection to a continuous fuel and an energy storage system, the mini hybrid plant allows to take full advantage of one or more renewable energy sources, which are, by their nature, discontinuous and intermittent. In isolated operation, when the renewable source (solar radiation and/or wind power) is insufficient to meet the power demand of the load, the fuel generator can provide the power missing. The energy storage system allows to “level” the supply of electricity of the mini plant: it may absorb generated power in excess (strong wind) or supply in case of need (shading of photovoltaic panels). This feature is also advantageous when operating in parallel to the grid.

Biomass, wood and pellets

The production of energy through biomass exploits the combustion of wood (chipboard sometimes compressed into pellets) or other organic waste or their decomposition to create a fuel gas, used to create heat and/or electricity through the movement of the gas turbine.

It is usually related to the cogeneration of heat and electricity.

EQUA designs and installs heating systems with wood, pellets and wood chips stoves. Learn more...

Cogeneration and Trigeneration


EQUA designs and installs, tests and certifies micro-cogeneration plants, it is also manages the connection to the electricity grid, the demand for incentives for the tax exemption for the methane gas used for power generation. EQUA deals with the system of exchange/sale of energy and with the tax regularization at the U.T.F., both for small and large plants. Cogeneration is the production of electricity and thermal energy from a single source (which can be fossil, biomass or biogas) in a single integrated system. Trigeneration is a particular field of the cogeneration systems that, in addition to producing electricity, allows to use the thermal energy gathered from thermodynamic transformation also to produce cooling energy, that is chilled water for air conditioning or for industrial processes.

Heat pumps

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY, CLEAN AND DURALBE ENERGY! In over 99% of the mass of our planet  the temperature is higher than 1,000° C. In only 0,1% the temperature is lower than 100°C. Our globe contains an enormous amount of heat, which has a huge potential! Geothermal energy allows to deploy this energy is a sustainable way - Internal structure of our planet. Scheme M.Haring, Geothermal Explorers LTD. EQUA designs and builds, tests and certifies heating systems with heat pump. In the vast selection offered by the market EQUA finds the right heat pump for each usage and need, drawing energy from the underground, the ground water or the air. We can also advise on the best combination with low-temperature heating systems and integration with solar thermal systems, implementing the system that best suits your needs. The heat pump is a machine capable of transferring heat from a source at a lower temperature, (the underground water or surface water, the outside air, the ground), to one at higher temperature (the air in houses, offices and factories, the hot water for domestic use). The heat pump can use these free and inexhaustible sources of heat, providing your home with the necessary heat, making you, in this way, independent from the use of natural gas or heating oil, and their continuous price increase. To the function of space heating and production of hot water is added also the possibility, by reversing the operation, to cool the rooms in the summer period. The heat pump provides an attractive alternative to more traditional systems of heating and air conditioning. Combined with a photovoltaic system allows the maximal energy efficiency as the electricity needed for its operation is produced on site, using free energy from the sun. It also integrates and complements very well with solar thermal systems. Learn more...

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